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Brake cylinder

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The brake cylinders and matching accessories are made of high-quality materials such as aluminium or steel and offer robust and reliable performance. They are very durable and resistant to external influences such as heat, moisture or dirt.

Brake cylinders are crucial for safe and effective braking performance of a motorbike. They ensure that the pressure transmitted from the brake lever is converted into a hydraulic force to push the brake pads against the brake discs and slow or stop the motorbike.

Regular maintenance and inspection of the brake cylinder is important to detect signs of wear or damage and repair or replace in a timely manner. A faulty brake cylinder can lead to a loss of braking power and thus to a serious danger in road traffic.

There are different types of brake cylinders and accessories, such as brake cylinder pistons,
-housings or seals and repair kits, which can be selected depending on the intended use and motorbike model.


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