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Caferacer conversion

Caferacer conversion by Frank Wolschke

We have now received a great insight into one of his conversions from our long-time customer Frank Wolschke, who built this great Caferacer on his own.

We at Stein-Dinse would like to thank Frank for his constant loyalty and the great conversion report. But read for yourself, we are now "handing over" to Frank.

"To me:

Frank Wolschke, 53 years old and enthusiastic about Italian motorbikes, definitely the most beautiful motorbikes. After accumulating several Ducati models, partly in his own or his family's possession and responsible for all maintenance and repairs, the idea came up to build something different. A TT2, still the big dream from my youth, or maybe a Caferacer? So in the summer of 2014, we bought a partially dismantled Pantah 500 at an auction. Since we were still renovating our barn and the workshop was only partially available, we only had time to assess the damage and think about what could be built from it.

So not a TT2 with this frame, but maybe a Caferacer, really nice and light and everything possible made of 7075 aluminium, to achieve the lowest possible total weight, a sensible electrical system and a reliable engine to ride longer distances. Day trips of 500-600 km are not uncommon. So I looked for an aluminium tank and started to order spare parts for the revision of the engine and various other parts in a well-known online shop for Italian motorbikes.

After receiving the tank, I started to make the seat plate and to turn and mill all possible aluminium parts, various screws and crown nuts made of 7075 and levers for the rest system.

Then the first test ride and afterwards everything was disassembled and prepared for painting.

When the engine was overhauled, the defective crankshaft came to light, so another crankshaft was purchased, new connecting rod bearings and connecting rod bushings were installed, as well as a Sachse ignition and a new clutch. The cases, cylinders and heads were glass bead blasted and the cylinder heads were fitted with new Kuprodur valve guides and new valves. The carburettors were exchanged for 32cc Dellortos, which were completely refitted and Malossi filters fitted in red.

The necessary spare parts, especially the many small parts and gaskets, are available in the extensive Stein-Dinse shop without long waiting times, which guarantees a fluid operation. With the completion of the engine, the basis for the Caferacer was created. The frame, suspension struts and fork as well as the Tommaselli stub handlebars were assembled. The rims were completed and the P05 calipers were fitted with new pistons, pads and seals from the SD shop. The brake lines from the B&H range are ideal, as you can find all possible line lengths and fittings.

Electrical system consisting of Cronoclassic Speedo, M-unit, M-lock, ox-eyes and tail light from the Ducatis. The 2in1 manifold was built from VA and adjusted in lengths.

Since the full inspection in summer 2017, the Caferacer has already been moved more than 8000 km and so it started all over again, collecting parts, buying engine, looking for frame and wheels, because I am still missing a TT2.

Yours, Frank Wolschke"

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