The right motorbike clothing and a matching helmet are a must for all bikers.

Our selection is just as versatile and individual as every motorcyclist or enthusiast.
Whether helmets, motorbike clothing made of textile or leather, one-piece or two-piece suits, climate-regulating functional clothing, rainwear or protective clothing - we dress you completely from head to toe.

You want to show your love for selected motorbike brands to the outside world? We also have a large selection of casual clothing that will make fan hearts beat faster.

Motorcycle clothing made of leather or textile?
You are looking for new motorbike clothing and are not sure whether it should be made of leather or textile? We have taken a closer look at both materials in terms of safety, comfort and functionality.


Textile suits have better breathability, although leather clothing has improved a lot in this area in recent years. They are also lighter, airier and more comfortable and offer better protection against wind and rain. In colder temperatures, the loose fit means you can simply use the warm inner lining or pull a fleece jacket under the garment. Leather offers less protection from the cold.

More corpulent bikers therefore prefer the textile version because of its comfortable fit. If you are more interested in functionality and travel suitability, we would advise you to go for a textile suit.


With leather upholstery you have to spend more money on the purchase. But the higher purchase price is worth it – because leather ismore durable, more abrasion-resistant and robust than textile. It snuggles against the body like a second skin and also prevents the protectors from slipping, which is why leather is particularly worthwhile in the sports sector.


Even when it comes to the best possible protection in the event of a fall on the road, leather is clearly ahead. In terms of functionality, breathability and comfort, leather suits have improved a lot. Many leather jackets, for example, now have breathable mesh linings, stretch inserts, more pockets and ventilation systems. Visually, leather gear and thoroughbred bikers simply belong together.

Conclusion: It depends on your demands, your riding style and of course your budget which material you ultimately choose.

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